T-MAC CYLINDERS, INC..  NFPA Cylinders 1-1/2" to 10" dia bore, and accessories.

 Peninsular Cylinders  Heavy duty steel NFPA air and Low and High pressure Hydraulic cylinders, 1-1/2" to 14" bore sizes. Automotive standard cylinders, mill cylinders, alignment couplers.

Clippard  Aluminum, brass and stainless steel cylinders 5/32" to 2-1/2" bore sizes. Interchangeable with Bimba series.


Compact  Twist Cylinders, Intensifiers, Cylinders; inch, Clean Act, Metric, threaded body. 

Origa  Rod less air cylinders and Electric, ball screw or belt drive cylinders,  from 10mm to 80mm

Chicago Cylinder  Repairable round body aluminum air and hydraulic cylinders 1/2" to 3" bore sizes

    *  Series B - Interchangeable with stainless steel throwaways including Bimba®, Humphrey® and Clippard®
    * ADP Series - Interchangeable with snap ring and wire retainer constructed cylinders - Maximum PSI 250. Interchanges with Allenair® , Flairline®, Parker® P series
    * A Series - NFPA interchangeable - All NFPA mounts available
    * JR Series - Interchangeable with Springville®, Advanced Automation® B series
    * BRP Series - Bimba® Interchange
·         FRP Series - Fabco® interchange  

Greenco  Cable-trol cable cylinders 3/4' to 8" bore sizes. Trac-trol guided cylinders to 5" bore sizes 

Flairline  Medium duty air and hydraulic cylinders 3/4" to 4" bores sizes

Lin-Act  Aluminum NFPA air cylinders. 1-1/2" to 10" bore sizes. Magnetic limit switches. Duplex cylinders, 3-position cylinders. SHOR-T® 9/16" to 4" bore, 1/8" to 4" stroke.

Springville  Low cost aluminum air cylinders 1-1/4" to 8" bore