bulletKOBER TIMERS Pneumatic operated timers, 0.1 to 180 seconds, 40 to 120 psi.
bulletFlairline  flow control valves and check valves 1/8" to 3/4" npt
bulletMarshalltown Instruments  General purpose vacuum and pressure gages.  Severe, precision, process, diaphragm, HVAC/R and Special gauges. Temperature Instruments, Thermowells, Pressure transducers, Electronic controls, Diagram seals, Parts and Accessories.
bulletKOBOLD   Instrumentation: for Measuring, Monitoring and Analyzing: Flow, pressure, Level & Temperature.
bulletBerstein   Safety Switches, plastic body limit switches, metal body limit switches and footswitches.
bullet80/20 Inc.  T-slotted aluminum extrusions for machine frames, tooling, automation, guarding, and work stations. The industrial erector set NOW introducing HOLY-TUBE extrusion as well along with AUTO QUOTER X.
bulletMilbank Mfg.   Industrial and Commercial electrical enclosures, NEMA1,3R,4,12,13 and 4X ratings, as well as custom enclosures.
bulletHypercyl   Hydraulic cylinder, 1-200 tons, uses air vs hydraulic motor and tank. Stroke 1/2" to 8". Can be mounted in any orientation. Great for piercing, punching, coining and staking.
bulletMonnier   Custom air filters, regulators and lubricators for OEM and specialty applications. Custom engineered solutions for Filter, Regulator, Lubricators and accessories. Regulators with built in check valves. Special anodized colors are available.
bulletAurora Bearing   Quality spherical rod eyes and fractured race bearings for high cycle and heavy-duty applications.
bulletPorex  Cost effective porous polyethylene mufflers, 1/8" to 1" npt
bulletJun-Air    Air Compressor - Extremely Quiet, virtually vibration free oil-lubricated compressors for point of use.