PIAB Vacuum Pumps  Multi-venturi compressed air driven vacuum pumps up to 30" Hg. Flows to 800 SCFM. 27 models. Complete range of vacuum cups from 1/4" to 6" diameters. Vacuum filters. Vacuum Switches. Pumps are quiet, compact, maintenance-free and efficient. New Products Modular and Palletizer fixturing.

Vacuforce  Industrial Vacuum solutions: Mechanical Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Beds, Vacuum Regulators, Vacuum Octopus, Vacuum valves and more.

Vicas - A tradition since 1970, Vi-Cas offers over 1,000 styles of vacuum cups for the packaging, printing and material handling industries. Available in vinyl, polyurethane or silicone. Also cup adapters, rollers and capper disks

ACLA - ACLA manufacturers a complete line on high wear and tear resistant vacuum (suction) cups of ACLATHAN (Vulkollan), microcellular material (foam) for die cutting along with ACLATHAN Rollers and other polyurethane components for the packaging industry.